Pure just launched another electric scooter, the company's cheapest yet

Pure Air electric scooter
Pure Air electric scooter (Image credit: Pure)

Just a few months after unveiling the Pure Air Pro electric scooter, Pure has taken the wraps off its latest two-wheeled electric machine: the Pure Air.

The Pure Air basically serves as a 'standard model' which the Pro sits above in the product line-up. As a result it's cheaper, costing only £399 compared to the Pro at £679, and has a few minor downgrades in certain areas to match that lower price.

We haven't tested this new electric scooter yet - we'll be sure to do so soon - but at this lower price it seems it could be a great electric scooter for students or other people looking for an affordable ride.

You can check out the scooter yourself at Pure's website, or we can take you through its features now.

Pure Air features and specs

The Pure Air has a top speed of 25kmph or 15.5mph, and a range of 30km or 18 miles. That range is a little lower than the Pro model, but should be enough to see you to and from work or school depending on your commute. The motor power is 250W, down from 350W in the Pro, which is another small downgrade.

Like the Pro, there are plenty of lights on the scooter so it should make for a safe night ride, and it's also IP65 rated, has air-filled tyres and has hand-replaceable parts. Something we liked about the Pro was that it seemed sturdy and reliable, and that seems to be the case here too.

A design difference in the Pure Air compared to its Pro model is that the touchscreen is central in the handlebars, rather than right-aligned, and it seems to fit into the scooter more seamlessly. We'll have to see if it's easier or harder to use as a resut when we test the scooter.

Like most electric scooters the Pure Air can be folded down - it weighs 16.5kg so it's hardly lightweight, but it is 0.5kg lighter than the Pro.

Finally, the Pure Air apparently takes 4.5 hours to charge up, similar to the Pro. Since most electric scooters take about eight hours to power up to full, that seems pretty snappy.

We'll have to test all these features of the Pure Air when we conduct our full review -stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

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