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Via launches new Nano processor

Via's new Nano processor

The next-generation of processors is here and it’s in the form of the Via Nano processor. This successor to the company’s C7 range offers 4x more power, utilising technology first used in its Isaiah range.

The chip is compact, at just 21x21mm and allows Blu-ray HD playback and is said to be the perfect partner for power-hungry PC games such as EA's superb Crysis.

But while it may feed the power-hungry, the chip itself uses very little juice – 0.1W when idle.

Small is beautiful

Wenchi Chen, President and CEO, VIA Technologies, had this to say about the new chip: "VIA Nano processors represent the next generation of x86 technology, providing the fundamental building blocks for a new genre of optimized computing solutions.

“'Small is Beautiful' is more than a design strategy; it's our vision of where the PC market is heading and our new processors will help the market realise that dream."

The new chips are available now, so expect to find them in notebooks and laptops later in the year.