SanDisk to revive Sansa View video player?

The original Sansa view (pictured) looks to have been redeveloped and might be launched later this month

SanDisk could be on the verge of launching a revised version of its cancelled Sansa View video MP3 player. The first Sansa View was canned earlier this year when SanDisk decided the market was not ready for it. But now the company says its focus is back on video, and there will be an announcement later this month.

"Our next launch is a product that I'm very excited about," Wojtek Rudko of SanDisk in an interview with "But I can't really tell you any more about it.

"Right now the market is heading towards video and [our next product will] of course be able to compete with the new generation of [widescreen video] iPods and any new player from Creative. We don't tie you down to one particular music service. The products are upgradeable in terms of memory. Our next product will have SDHC enabled so you can have an extra 8GB of removable storage.

"The View was not the right product at the time earlier this year. People were comparing its 8GB of flash [memory] to a video product with a similar screen but with a big hard drive.

Sansa View version 2.0

"So now we've revised the concept and I can tell you that it's going towards more portability. The market as a whole is moving towards video players so you'll just have to wait and see what comes from SanDisk in the next few weeks," he said.

The original Sansa View had a 4-inch colour screen and 8GB flash memory.

Wojtek Rudko is senor product marketing manager at SanDisk Europe.

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