Where can I find the LG G Watch R?

LG G Watch R
Now that is a smartwatch

The LG G Watch R is the only smartwatch out now that can rival the Moto 360 in terms of both style and functionality, and most US carriers have announced their release dates for it.

That includes Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, while as usual Verizon is taking its sweet time.

Of course you can also get the G Watch R in Google's Play Store, though you might have a hard time catching it in stock there.

Here's all the details on where you can get the LG G Watch R.

Google Play

Like it has with a few other top-shelf smartwatches, Google is selling the LG G Watch R directly through its Google Play store.

It's currently out of stock, as it seems to often be, but when it's there it will cost you $299.

The only option for now is to add it to your wishlist and wait for an email - or check at one of the carriers below.


AT&T was the first US carrier to announce its LG G Watch R release date, though that's the only advantage it was able to muster.

The LG smartwatch is currently on sale through the carrier for $300, and the carrier isn't offering any bells and whistles with it as far as we know.


Sprint came in second, announcing in early November that it would begin selling the LG G Watch R on November 14.

As it is everywhere else, the LG G Watch R costs $300 on Sprint, though this carrier is also offering a 12-month/$25-per-month program with no money down.


Then came T-Mobile, which announced just as the G Watch R hit Sprint that it would start selling the round smartwatch in stores on November 19, and online later in the month.

Once again it will cost $300, as it seems none of these major carriers are able to offer any deals on the price.

Verizon and US Cellular

Neither Verizon nor US Cellular has announced anything regarding their LG G Watch R release dates, but we'll update here if and when they do.

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