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Samsung Galaxy Tab: best UK prices compared

Best prices for Galaxy Tab revealed
How much would you pay for a Samsung Galaxy Tab?
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Before the Samsung Galaxy Tab went on sale, it was always a bit unclear how much it was going to cost.

But now that it's on UK shelves, the UK mobile networks are rolling out their data plans along with subsidised retail prices, and the picture is starting to look a bit clearer.

The good news is that monthly data plans are available from as low as £5 per month. The bad news is that most plans still involve an upfront fee of about £500.

You can also get the Galaxy Tab SIM-free from £499.

So what are the best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals currently available in the UK?

Vodafone Galaxy Tab prices

Vodafone is offering the Galaxy Tab (opens in new tab) for a set upfront fee of £499, providing you also sign up for a data plan.

The cheapest Tariff is £3 per month, but on that deal you'll have to pay an additional £2 every day you use 3G data, with a 500MB limit for that day.

You've then got the following one-month rolling deals:

  • £10 per month for 1GB
  • £15 per month for 3GB
  • £25 per month for 5GB.

Orange Galaxy Tab prices

Orange is going for a slightly different strategy, offering a slightly better upfront deal depending on which data plan you choose.

The cheapest monthly deal is a pay-as-you-go type deal where you pay 5p per MB with a £40 cap for the month. On this deal you pay £529 for the device upfront.

The other deals on offer are:

  • £5 per month for 500MB (+£529, 1 month deal)
  • £5 per month for 500MB (+£499, 12 month deal)
  • £10 per month for 1GB (+£515, 1 month deal)
  • £10 per month for 1GB anytime + 1GB between 12am – 4am (+£499, 12 month deal)
  • £15 per month for 1GB, unlimited BT Openzone (+£515, 1 month deal)
  • £15 per month for 1GB anytime + 1GB quiet time (+£499, 12 month deal).

We're expecting more networks to reveal their 3G data plans for the Galaxy Tab soon, so we'll let you know when we know more.

Talk Mobile Galaxy Tab prices

Talk Mobile (opens in new tab) – Carphone Warehouse's own virtual network (using Vodafone's infrastructure) is also offering Samsung Galaxy Tab deals. They are as follows:

  • £10 for 1GB (+£479.99, 18 month deal)
  • £10 for 1GB (+£499.99, 1 month deal)
  • £20 for 1GB, 100 minutes, 500 texts (+£399.99, 24 month deal)

Phones4u Galaxy Tab prices

Phones4u is showing the Galaxy Tab on its website with the following prices:

  • £499 SIM-free
  • On contract from £199 + £40 per month

Carphone Warehouse Galaxy Tab prices

Carphone Warehouse has Galaxy tab deals on its site as follows:

  • £399 at £20 per month with 1GB data (with Talk Mobile)
  • £499 at £10 per month with 1GB data (with Talk Mobile)
  • £529 at £15 per month with 3GB data (with Vodafone)
  • £529 SIM-free

PC World Galaxy Tab prices

PC World is selling the Galaxy Tab SIM-free and on contract with Three and Vodafone. Prices are as follows:

  • £499 SIM-free
  • £99 at £40 per month (with Three)
  • £199 at £25 per month (with Three)
  • £299 at £30 per month (with Three)
  • £399 at £25 per month (with Three)
  • £499 at £15 per month (with Vodafone)

Best Buy Galaxy Tab prices

Best Buy has just one Galaxy Tab option as follows:

  • £529 SIM-free Galaxy Tab prices is also offering the Tab SIM-free:

  • £549 SIM-free

Dixons Galaxy Tab prices

Dixons has gone down the SIM-free route (opens in new tab), too:

  • £499 SIM-free

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