HTC smartwatch said to be a camera-carrying Android affair

HTC smartwatch said to be Android-powered and snap-happy
It's getting cramped on here. Room for One more?

Details of HTC's dog in the smartwatch fight are beginning to fill out, following some wearable hints dropped recently by HTC CEO Peter Chou.

A source has now told Bloomberg that HTC is building a watch that will run on Google's Android OS and will arrive with an inbuilt camera.

If it's to believed, a lot of the functions are up in the air right now, but the same source claims that we'll see the HTC wearable "by the second half of 2014".

Watching like a hawk

We weren't convinced that the wrist camera on the Samsung Galaxy Gear was much beyond a gimmick (HTC clearly has not read our guide to building the perfect smartwatch) so we're waiting for someone to prove how it could be useful in our lives.

If a late 2014 release is on the cards, this should give HTC plenty of time to watch the smartwatch market evolve and let it learn from others' mistakes.

"It has to meet a need, otherwise if it's just a gimmick or concept, it's not for people's day-to-day lives," said Chou recently, when asked about getting in on the smartwatch boom.

Despite the brilliance of the HTC One, the smartphone maker is going through tough times right now. Could a smartwatch reverse its fortunes?

Hugh Langley

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