Play 200+ Origin store games for free all next month by making your EA Account more hack-proof

Origin Access Basic
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If your EA Account isn’t protected by two-factor authentication (2FA), then go turn it on now – not only will you make your account more secure from potential intruders, but you’ll be gifted a free month of Origin Access Basic.

This freebie can be earned by anyone who elects to use 2FA in the month of October, and it’s EA’s way of drawing attention to the fact that this is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Incidentally, if you already use 2FA, you will still get the free month, happily.

The Basic tier of EA’s games subscription service normally sets you back £3.99 ($4.99) per month, and gives you access to a library of 219 games (and 10% off any purchases on Origin).

Those games include the likes of Anthem, A Way Out, Battlefield V (and earlier Battlefield games), FIFA 18, Madden NFL 19, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall games, The Sims 4, and much, much more (check out the full list here).

November spawned a gamer

Simply switch on 2FA – or EA Login Verification as the company calls it – and you should get your free months’ worth of Basic access from November 1, or possibly a few days after.

Two-factor authentication, of course, means that when you log in, as well as entering your password, you’ll get a verification code either email or texted to you (or there’s an app authenticator, too).

The further good news is if you already subscribe to Origin Access Basic, you still benefit from this freebie – EA won’t charge you for November, and your normal subscription fee will resume the following month. In the same vein, subscribers to the upper tier of EA’s service, Origin Access Premier, will also get a free month.

All this means that National Cybersecurity Awareness Month may well become National Wasting Far Too Much Time Playing Video Games Month, but hey, we don’t think anyone will be complaining.

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