Planet Earth II is coming, and will show you what 4K is really capable of

Beautiful wildlife documentary Planet Earth 2 is coming to convince you to make the jump to 4K.

Call me a biased Brit, but the BBC’s wildlife documentaries have always been some of the most stunning television programs around. 

Ten years ago the original Planet Earth looked so stunning in HD that it made a pretty convincing argument for why the new resolution deserved a place in our living rooms. 

Now the Attenborough-narrated Planet Earth 2 looks set to do the same thing for Ultra HD.  

4K woes

Although the YouTube trailer itself isn’t available in 4K, the footage still looks absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait to see it in its native resolution. 

Unfortunately the BBC hasn’t yet given any indication of when this might be, although the show's HD release is coming in November this year. 

The BBC has made little movement on its public broadcasting plans in Ultra HD. It has already broadcast the Queen’s Speech in 4K almost two years ago, but that has so far been a one-off trial, with no full service roll-out announced. 

The fact the new show has been shot in 4K suggests that some future Ultra HD streaming or UHD Blu-ray plans are at least under consideration. 


Via: Engadget

Jon Porter

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