This is our best look at the GoPro Hero 5 camera yet

This is our best look at the GoPro Hero 5 camera yet

A deluge of leaks claiming to be the new GoPro Hero 5 have hit the 'net, showing off the purported action cam's new look and even some of its features.

The first thing we noticed was the simplified design, with the Hero 5 ditching some buttons in favor of a touchscreen, according to images by MirrolessRumors, via the now-closed leak from Nokishita.

Image Credit: MirrorlessRumors

Image Credit: MirrorlessRumors

The leaks also cover details that can't be seen at first glance, such as the camera's move from Mini-USB to USB Type-C, a slightly improved 1220mAh battery, and total weight of 118g (4.2oz).

The info leaks - but the camera doesn't

The information is unofficial, but does confirm a previous leak earlier this month of the Hero 5's touchscreen interface and ability to offload files to the cloud - two firsts for the Hero lineup.

The camera also appears waterproof up to ten feet, hinting at a not-yet-announced product called a "Super Suit" - which may be a special housing for deep-sea diving.

On top of that, a .pdf file claiming to be the Hero 5's user manual surfaced on Reddit. While unfinished, the leaked document says the camera can shoot 4K footage at a cap of 30fps, with resolutions 1080p or lower shooting up to a buttery-smooth 120fps.

Finally, another unique feature is voice commands. The Hero 5 can switch modes, turn on and off, start rolling, and more with a simple phrase - our favorite being the ability to tell the camera to highlight especially rad moments during filming by saying "that was sick!"

GoPro plans to roll out the Hero 5 later this year, so we expect to hear some official deets soon. Additionally, we are also overdue for more information on the company's other not-so-closely-held secret - the Karma video drone - which is expected out this holiday.

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