Overnight news roundup: 30-31 October

Steve Jobs is looking to get in on free, shared Wi-Fi

Now that Tuesday has come and gone, it's time for another overnight news roundup. Some of these stories might be just what the doctor ordered, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some tech news goodness.

Steve Jobs, high off the success of Leopard in the first weekend, spoke to the founder of FON - an open Wi-Fi proponent in the United States - to discuss the possibility of open, shared Wi-Fi. According to reports, this idea fits squarely with what Jobs has in mind for the future of technology and he would like to see this infrastructure created for use on future versions of the iPhone.

Microsoft: new software safer than ever

Microsoft has released its biannual security report where it details the current security landscape and identifies how well its operating system and the company as a whole has performed against some of the most serious malware threats. Interestingly enough, Microsoft is reporting that based on its findings, its newer software is far more secure than previous versions and vulnerabilities have dropped by 8.4 per cent over the same period last year.

Google may be ready to give social networking another go with an internal project currently known as Maka-Maka. According to reports, the new social networking site will provide a means for all of Google's current software applications to work together in the social networking space.

It looks like the Zune is getting some new accessories. According to Altec Lansing, Belkin and Microsoft, a host of new add-ons to Zune 2.0 are on the way and should be available within the week.

Faulty Canon EOS-1D Mark III

As we've reported, there has been a host of issues found with the high-end Canon EOS-1D Mark III. According to rumours, Canon has halted shipment due to a fault affecting the Mark III's autofocus system.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Gphone - Google's forthcoming handset - will hit store shelves in mid-2008; the announcement is expected to come within the next two weeks. The Gphone is expected to be open source, which means anyone can tinker with the mobile operating system and its applications.