Samsung unveils latest HMX-T10 series camcorders

Samsung's new HMX-10 camcorders come in red, white and black
Samsung's new HMX-10 camcorders come in red, white and black

Samsung's taken the veil off its latest funky-looking HMX-T10 series Camcorders at IFA in Berlin this week.

The quirkily-designed camcorders from Samsung certainly look the part, but how are they improvements on last year's HMX-R10 range?

Image stabilisation, 10x zoom

Sammy's latest camcorders can capture video at up to 1920x1080/60s and take still snaps at up to 4.7 megapixels, with the action framed on a 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD.

Useful features included in the HMX-T10 camcorder include optical image stabilisation a 10x zoom. The new HD camcorder is also available in red, white or black.

Price-wise, it's competitive with a $299 pricetag in the US (UK pricing and availability still to be confirmed with Samsung UK).

Comfortable shooter

Samsung claims that the HMX-T10's 20-degree slanted lens offers "unprecedented user comfort [so]… that the user can truly enjoy their recording experience without any discomfort to their arm or wrist, a common occurrence in standard camcorders currently on the market.

"The HMX-T10 offers not only a stylish, compact design and fantastic recording quality at an affordable price, but also demonstrates the thoughtfulness and innovation Samsung brings to making movie and image capturing a truly enjoyable experience for everyone," said Mr. SangJin Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics.

"The HMX-T10's convenient features, such as the 20-degree Slanted Lens, perfectly encapsulates the innovative and easy-to-use nature of our camcorder range, as well as our aim to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and design."

Adam Hartley