Hands on: Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 review

Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5
Sony's little camcorder is ready to record everything

Just last year Sony introduced the world to the Webbie – a fun point and shoot camera which looked to try and chase the same market that Flip had pretty much sewn up.

Coming to the UK as the PM1, the cam was easy to use and was a decent go-anywhere device.

At CES 2010, Sony has announced the PM1's successor the interestingly titled Bloggie.

Sony is hoping those who buy the device will record their life as much as possible. Supporting MP4, the camcorder allows the user to film Full HD footage at just the touch of a button.

Retaining the shape of the PM1, those familiar with that cam will be right at hom here.

Quite chunky in the hand, the Bloggie has a swivel lens (which goes around 270 degrees) to record in those hard to reach places.

To get the footage off of the cam, included is a USB arm, which means you won't actually need any wires to connect the device up – great for those who are recording on the fly around a mate's house.

When it comes to functionality, don't expect too much. This is a point and shoot cam, albeit one with great picture quality.

An additional add-on which bumps the Bloggie's coolness up a notch or two is a 360 degree camera lens. Put this onto the cam and you will be able to get great, if somewhat obscure shots of everything around you.

Sony bloggie 260-camera

This total immersion fits with the idea that the Bloggie is there so you can video blog everything about yourself. Easy uploading to Facebook, YouTube and the like rounds off what is a great little device from Sony.

Marc Chacksfield

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