T-Mobile's free CellSpot wi-fi calling router is available today

T-Mobile wi-fi calling
The CellSpot is part of T-Mobile's "Wi-Fi Unleashed" initiative

When T-Mobile makes a promise, the carrier is determined to deliver, and today it has with the launch of the T-Mobile CellSpot.

Announced during T-Mobile's Un-carrier 7.0 event on September 10, the CellSpot personal router hooks up to users' broadband connections and provides them with full bars and HD Voice in their homes or elsewhere.

The "un-carrier" says it's "like having a personal T-Mobile tower in your home."

Apparently 57% of American wireless users report dropped calls in their own homes, a T-Mobile spokesperson told TechRadar, and the T-Mobile CellSpot should help with that.

Don't delay, act now

The main caveat is that T-Mobile CellSpot users must have a phone capable of utilizing wi-fi calling.

Luckily many new top-of-the-line phones, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and others, do support wi-fi calling.

And going forward all new T-Mobile phones will have wi-fi calling, the company said.

T-Mobile customers hoping to take advantage of the new CellSpot router must also have a qualifying Simple Choice plan and, naturally, a broadband internet connection.

Other than those requirements and a refundable $25 deposit, the T-Mobile CellSpot is free - just go into a T-Mobile store or call the carrier to have one sent to you today.

GoGo power texters

T-Mobile has also partnered with GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi in the US to provide its customers with free in-flight texting, picture messaging and visual voicemail beginning today.

The carrier said in today's announcement that its in-flight services extend to more than 2,000 commercial aircraft operating in the US.

And during its September 10 event Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said GoGo services are available on 8,000 US flights per day.

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