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Sprint has doubled the data on its shared business plans yet again

Yeah it does

Sprint has doubled down on the double data offer that it debuted earlier this month, upping the ante yet again in its war against AT&T, Verizon and other US carriers.

Those three went on a data-doubling roll in late September and early October, doing their best to one-up one another with shared data plans.

AT&T offered plans starting at 30GB of data for $130, Verizon did much the same, and Sprint doubled that, offering 60GB for $130 (and up from there).

But now Sprint is offering even larger plans, according to a press release, giving customers 240GB for $400, 320GB for $540, or 400GB for $675 for up to 50 lines.

Double up

In addition Sprint users can now sign up 100 lines for plans with 600GB for $1,010 or 800GB for $1,350.

Like the previous doubled plans, these fresh rates are available for new and existing customers who sign up before October 31.

These customers will retain these rates indefinitely, but the plans won't be available for new sign-ups after Halloween.

The big question now is who will raise the stakes next - maybe T-Mobile can join the fray with a fresh trick? You know what, consider this an official call-out, pinkie. It's on.