Old phone, new deal: Woolworths post-paid offering includes Galaxy S5

Woolworths pre-paid

Continuing Woolworths partnership with Telstra, the supermarket giant has announced a new post-paid mobile plan that includes the fast-ageing Samsung Galaxy S5.

For $38 a month, customers signing up for the deal will receive the Galaxy S5 handset, 1GB of data, $1,000 of standard national calls, unlimited standard national SMS, and free calls to other Woolworths customers.

1GB certainly isn't a generous helping of data these days, but additional 1GB data packs can be purchased for $10. Customers also won't be caught out when their bill comes around as the plan offers a hard limit, meaning once your data's up it's up.

Unfortunately, as the 24-month contract nears its end that Galaxy S5 handset is going to be looking pretty sluggish. Already 20 months old, the S5 will look positively ancient by the time Christmas 2017 rolls around.

It's pre-paid, baby

Woolworths is also upping its pre-paid offerings, increasing data and call inclusions by up to 40 per cent, with bonus data until 15 Feb 2016.

The company's $30 mobile recharge package now includes unlimited standard national SMS, $1,000 of standard national and international calls, and 2GB of data, with an additional 500MB until 15 Feb.

The $45 package includes unlimited standard national calls and SMS and 4GB of data, with an additional 1GB until 15 Feb.

Both packages include unlimited calls to other Woolworths users.

Obviously Woolworths isn't chasing the data-hungry segment of the market, but does anyone really deserve to be stuck paying off a Galaxy S5 that's left limping after a future Android update?