Word on a metal Samsung Galaxy S5 surfaces again

Will the Galaxy S5 herald a dawn of metal Samsungs?
The S Series may have to give way to a new king

We keep hearing rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come wrapped in a metallic chassis, and today is no different with ETNews reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will sport the much sort after metal body.

It also suggests the Korean firm will launch a second metal handset in the form of the super-premium Samsung Galaxy F.

Why has it taken Samsung so long to create an all metal handset? Well apparently it faced issues creating a metal device which kept the removable battery function that is present on its current handsets.

3 really is a magic number

That problem must have been solved, as the Korean firm is set to release its first and second metal handsets at the same time, with the Galaxy F to launch alongside the Galaxy S5 this year.

In another report, ETNews suggest that the Galaxy F range is being created as a way for the Korean firm to keep up with the continual advances in mobile tech, with two major launches a year being insufficient.

The new Galaxy F handset, designed in Europe and now in production in Vietnam, could be set to blitz the Galaxy S5 in terms of specs, however.

We'd advise taking that with a pinch of salt though, as we don't see Samsung ousting the Galaxy S series from the top spot, and rumors of a 16MP camera, octa-core processor and 2K display linked with the Galaxy F have also been touted for the Galaxy S5.

How long we're going to be left waiting to see these devices is unclear, although with an earlier launch of the Galaxy S5 rumored for February, it might not be too much longer.

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