Windows Phone 7.8 launch detailed again

Windows Phone 7.8 detailed again
Windows Phone 7.8 - tile time

You might not be getting Windows Phone 8 on your old handset but the consolation prize is Windows Phone 7.8, and it looks set to land just after the new OS goes on sale.

According to a post on Facebook, we'll see Windows Phone 7.8 land shortly after Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale in November – which jives nicely with the information a Chinese blog came up with yesterday.

It also lists just a couple of upgrades you can expect to see, including a "new Start screen", which we've already seen is more in line with Windows Phone 8.

There will also be nifty new services like Xbox Music and SmartGlass.

It was the Italian Windows Phone team that posted the new slivers of information to their official Facebook page, although it's since been taken down.


Happily, managed to save a screengrab before it was removed, which, when translated, reads:

"'The upgrade to 7.8 will be available for versions 7.0 and 7.5 shortly after the marketing of the devices Windows Phone 8.

"Among the features there is the new Start screen, the sharing of the calendar using the function Club and access to key services and content Microsoft, including Xbox Music Store library that can be enjoyed by Zune and Xbox SmartGlass."

As with most software upgrades, exactly when existing Windows Phone 7 devices will get the update will depend as much on your network as what manufacturer made your device.

Still, we'd expect to see the roll-outs starting from the end of November, but we'll endeavour to find out more and keep you posted.

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