Verizon Moto X up for grabs online Aug. 29, in stores 'in the coming weeks'

Moto X
Big Red scores black and white versions

Verizon is wasting no time getting its Moto X out to the public, or as little time as it can following AT&T's jump start.

The carrier tweeted this afternoon that it will start selling the Android 4.2 phone online starting Aug. 29, with it available in stores "in the coming weeks."

The phone will cost $199.99 on a two-year contract.

According to a Verizon representative's tweets, Moto Maker - the online tool that allows users to customize their Moto X - is still on tap for "later this year," with no other specifics offered.

From A to V

Big Red is the second carrier to chalk up a Moto X release, with AT&T already selling the phone as of Aug. 23.

According to the same rep, Verizon will carry the 16GB model. It will come in black or white, but again, customers should be able to add personal touches before year's end.

The same day AT&T started slinging the Motorola-made handset, a company VP posted on Google+ that it would be a matter of days before other carriers would start their rollouts.

We're still waiting on Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular to out their X news, so tune in for more if you're a customer on these networks. News should arrive post haste.

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