UK Uni launches new iPhone app for freshers

Take the iPhone to Uni, download a freshers' guide, play Doom in lectures...

University freshers at the Uni of Central Lancashire are set to get a free iPhone app to help them settle in to their first term away from their childhoods.

The freshers' app will give them maps and details of all the local entertainment, local transport and other useful advice, details of campus facilities and access to their uni e-mail accounts.

It is not yet clear whether or not the fresher's iPhone app will warn them about the health implications of drinking cheap snakebite-and-blacks and living on a diet of nachos and Pot Noodles.

The Uni's Director of Learning Michael Ahern said the app was developed to help those students who "lead very busy lives… it's a different track for reaching students."

What is a lecture?

"At the beginning of term you're always being stopped by students asking for directions, now they're going to have the information they need in their pockets," says Mr Ahern.

"As they roam around the campus they can get information about lecture theatres, places to eat and libraries," he added, clearly falling foul of the popular assumption that students actually attend lectures.

Those unlucky students without iPhones can access the info via laptops and other internet-connected mobiles.