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Three next up to offer subsidised iPads

The iPad to be sold in Three stores
The iPad to be sold in Three stores

Three has announced that it too will be offering subsidised iPads, in a bids to let customers decide how to buy Apple's tablet.

Predictably, Three isn't giving away a lot of details on the subject, such as the UK release date or UK pricing for the new iPad price plans, but it's interesting the network has beaten Vodafone and O2 to the punch. T-Mobile and Orange have already announced similar plans.

"Three UK today announced it will offer new purchase options for iPad users, including more affordable prices when purchased with a data service plan, for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models in the coming months," reads the short release.

Cheaper than the iPhone?

Based on the price of the iPhone (which obviously needs extras like minutes and texts) it seems likely that the iPad will be offered for around £150-£200 on a two-year contract (including data).

However, given Three is by far the cheapest network for iPad data (with £15 per month netting you 10GB of surfing on a rolling monthly deal) it may be even cheaper at launch - although expect all networks to offer a relatively similar plan in the same vein as the iPhone 4.