The iPhone 7 could charge up in a flash

iPhone 6S

So far it's been looking like the iPhone 7 could be light on new features, but one more might have just been added to the list.

According to Twitter tipster @the_malignant, quoting Chinese sources, the iPhone 7 will support fast charging of at least 5 volts/2 amps. That's up from 5 watts/1 amp on the iPhone 6S and would bring the iPhone 7 more in line with fast-charging phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Of course for now this is just a rumor, and while it's backed up by an image of two different logic boards – one taken from the iPhone 6S and the other apparently from the iPhone 7 - the shot doesn't make it clear that the iPhone 7 will be able to charge faster.

iPhone 7 logic board

It's a feature that would make sense though, as many Android phones now support fast charging of one form or another, and Apple is increasingly being left behind.

Both bigger and faster

Earlier rumors have pointed to the possibility of a bigger battery in the iPhone 7, so if it gets both that and fast charging it could be in a very healthy position when it comes to battery life.

We should have a better idea of how large and fast its juice pack is soon, as Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7, though the company doesn't always reveal battery details.

James Rogerson

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