Telstra shares its plan for data sharing plans

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Multiple data-hungry devices will soon be able to share one account

A recent post on Telstra's Exchange blog points to the telco planning to incorporate shared data plans into its range, which would let customers use a combined data allowance across several different devices.

The blog post doesn't elaborate on when Telstra will launch these plans, or whether it will charge a premium for the privilege.

Data sharing is a feature that customers have been wanting for some time, but it is something only a few telcos around the world have implemented.

It's rare to share

Telstra will be the first telco in Australia to offer shared data plans, but not the first in the world, with telcos like Orange in France offering a shared option for some time.

Verizon in the U.S. offers shared plans too, with a single fee for the data and an extra "line rental" fee for each device added to the account. Each smartphone adds US$5 per month to the bill, each tablet is US$10 and a USB modem is an addition US$20 per month.

Demand for data services has never been higher, with Australian telco analyst Telesyte estimating there is in excess of 30-million data-enabled devices active in Australia -- a 133-percent market penetration.