Summer holiday app round-up: Last minute getaway tips


If you're opting to stay in Blighty rather than fly off to foreign climes, then sticking this freebie on your GALAXY Note II is essential.

National Rail Enquiries serves up live train departure and arrival times for every station in the UK, so whether you're spending a week on the beach in Cornwall or a few days on the West Highland Way, you'll know exactly when to get your train there and back. You can check a specific journey between two stations, track trains in real time to check on delays and even buy tickets via third parties.

AA Route Planner

AA Route Planner


Alternatively, if you'd rather use the car than take the train, AA Route Planner is a smart bet for the directionally challenged. While it serves up standard ways of getting from A to B, its directions also point out local landmarks, making it easier to work out when you need to turn off the road or carry straight on.

There are route options for caravans and those looking to avoid toll roads. You also get the full route and turn-by-turn instructions via a specially design interactive map. No more crawling down country lanes and wondering if you've made a wrong turn.

Camping Trip Planner

Camping Trip Planner


Hardy camping types, this one's for you. This app features a handy, editable checklist of things you'll need to take to ensure you don't find your week under canvas an uncomfortable dirge.

You can add things you'll need depending on what time of year you're going away or what sort of destination you're planning on camping. So, if you're hitting Provence, remember to pack a corkscrew. Or, if you're Alps-bound, ensure you've got walking boots marked down on the list. You can even save different lists depending on where you're headed.

Weather Pro



Before you click 'buy' on that too-good-to-be-true last minute package, hit WeatherPro. This app is just about the best weather add-on going and serves up extremely detailed forecasts for myriad destinations around the globe.

Get long-range forecasts, check cloud cover and make sure that where you're going is getting all the sun you could possibly want. Two million locations are covered, you get radar images of Europe and the US and even info on wind speed, air pressure and rain percentages. Perfect for plotting a sunny getaway.

TravelSafe Pro

TravelSafe Pro


It pays to be prepared; especially when your holiday has been booked in a hurry and you're busy deciding how many swim suits to pack.

TravelSafe Pro packs a plethora of essential information, including local numbers for emergency services, embassy contact details and 12 different language settings to help get over any communication barriers. Everything's stored locally, so if something bad does happen, then you won't be hit by high data charges while abroad.


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