StubHub's new app is an entertainment planner, not just a ticket system

Online ticketing marketplace StubHub has just given its mobile app a big overhaul to bring more personal new features and a better user interface to smartphones and tablet.

StubHub wants to reduce the time you spend browsing listings by bringing relevant events to you, based on preferences and events you've been to in the past — if your favourite band is in town then the new mobile app should keep you in the loop.

"Those apps have been very transactional, and we do that really well," Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, General Manager International at StubHub, told TechRadar. "But I think part of our strategy is about being more than that. We want it to be a place where people can start their journey in finding the bands they love."

StubHub's mission is to move away from being a last-stop solution for ticket buyers and more an end-to-end experience.

The update also brings more content that revolves around live shows. StubHub is integrating the iTunes store to let you listen to snippets of songs, while ESPN sports content will keep you updated on game scores. Helpfully, the app will also offer restaurant and parking information to make it a tad easier to plan any night out.

Finally, the improved mobile ticketing feature makes it easier for you to wave your phone (or your Apple Watch) to get past the bouncers and into an event. Apple Pay is integrated as well.

Digital tickets please


"When people view the app they tend to come back. So there is a lot of benefit on focusing on the app. Its good for the consumer and it's good for us," said Ricou-Bellan.

StubHub's new app goes hand in hand with its Apple Watch app, which is already out and available for people to use. The best aspect is probably the geo-fencing feature that pings you whenever there's a nearby event featuring your favourite band, actor or sporting team.

"We've really improved the UI," said Ricou-Bellan. Indeed, the app was designed on an actual Watch and not an iPhone screen, like many of the third party apps were before launch.

StubHub's new app is available on both iOS and Android now.

Hugh Langley

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