Stress Testing the GALAXY S4 Active

GALAXY S4 Active

Aqua Mode is one of the real boons of the S4 Active

Situation 7: Underwater Photography

The GALAXY S4 Active doesn't merely survive underwater; it keeps humming along just fine. A good way to prove this is to take the S4 Active on a little stroll down to the swimming pool.

Not only does the S4 Active stand up to a swim, but thanks to the exclusive Aqua Mode, you can keep on a-snappin' with that 8-megapixel shooter till the, erm, fish come home.

GALAXY S4 Active

The S4 Active is an excellent stand-in for a stick if you have to play fetch in a barren desert

Situation 8: The Dog Bone

The execution of "Doggie Feeding Time", as this particular test is known, is pretty darn simple: just pull up an image of a juicy, slobber-ridden bone on that 5-inch Full HD screen, plonk it in front of Fido, and hey presto, your dog's got a new chew toy, and you've got a perfect stress test.

A dog's mouth is a double threat for the S4 Active – circuit-killer slobber oozing from saliva glands, and those sharp canines just begging to put a hole in expensive consumer electronics.

Thankfully, the S4 Active passes both tests – the waterproofing keeps that nasty drool at bay, and hey, Gorilla Glass 2 is named after an animal for a reason. (Please note: while all the other tests here are based on thorough testing of the S4 Active, this one is purely theoretical - we didn't really give our S4 Active to a dog, and we don't seriously recommend that you do either!).

GALAXY S4 Active

A mud-proof phone is pretty much essential at a music festival

Situation 9: The Festival

Lab tests aren't any good without fieldwork; and for that, we hasten unto Glastonbury, which probably holds the record for "easiest place on Earth to ruin a fancy bit of technology."

With mud, enthusiastic ravers and portable toilets to contend with, any festival is a challenge for a phone.

But the S4 Active is a perfect festival phone. As we showed above, mud's no real problem; and as for the toilets, well, that IP67 rating should keep the smell out. We hope. Added bonus: the orange model is pretty easy to spot in a crowd.

GALAXY S4 Active

Breaking the S4 Active is like taking a smartphone from a baby. AKA very difficult indeed.

Situation 10: The Toddler Test

If there's one test that should surpass all others, it's giving an expensive bit of electronics to a toddler. You probably wouldn't trust your little tyke with a regular S4 – imagine the potential for crayon-encrusted Gorilla Glass, or ice cream pushed just so down the headphone port.

The S4 Active, though, should be fine for a few minutes' unsupervised playtime. That IP67 rating, as well as keeping water and dust at bay, should keep all manner of yoghurt, finger paint and other fluids out; while the Gorilla Glass 2 will stand up to even the most serious Lego attacks.