Sony working on faster wireless charging for Xperia handsets

Sony Xperia Magnetic Dock
Charged up in an hour flat

Samsung isn't the only smartphone manufacturer looking to shake up wireless charging, as Sony is rumored to be working on technology capable of charging its Xperia handsets in one hour flat.

Pocket-lint reported today that Sony engineers may be working on a way of speeding up the process of wireless charging, with an eye toward implementing the technology into next year's Xperia smartphones.

According to a report from Nikkei, Sony's new device uses only 10-15 watts of electricity, but supplies twice the amount of current wireless chargers.

The result is that, come late 2014, a compatible Xperia smartphone could be charged in half the time, reducing a two-hour wireless charge down to only an hour.

Charged up

Sony's work is reportedly based upon specifications now being finalized by the Wireless Power Consortium, and will be implemented as part of the existing Qi international standard.

Similar work is also underway by Rohm Co., who are developing the microchips necessary to charge with the increased 10-15 watts of power without overheating.

Earlier this week, a separate report revealed that Samsung is also eyeing improvements for wireless charging for inclusion in next year's Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Samsung's technology would allow handsets to be charged from a distance by using magnetic resonance, even when the source charger isn't actually making contact with the device.

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