Best of weekly round-up

It's been another riveting week for consumer tech watchers

It's been a great week for consumer tech watchers. It began with Microsoft accusing open source programmers of stealing code on Monday; saw Nokia praising the Apple iPhone on Tuesday and ended with Nintendo's Wii trouncing the PlayStation 3 on Friday.

You can find out more about all these stories - and our other highlights of the week - by clicking on the links below:

Monday 14th May

Microsoft attacks free software vendors
Rival software contains stolen Microsoft code

Spider-Man killed by box office pirates
Millions download Spider-Man 3 just days after its release

Paul McCartney music goes live on iTunes
Solo work gets online release, Beatles to follow?

Tuesday 15th May

Nokia hopes Apple iPhone will boost market
iPhone could spar new interest in all smartphone makers

One in 10 web pages could infect your PC
Google finds 10 per cent of websites contain malicious code

Video download services to die a death
iTunes set for video business decline

Wireless USB is the future
Devices featuring new standard to hit later this year

Wednesday 16th May

MySpace culls thousands of sex crime accounts
Paedophiles axed from the social networking site

Blog: Five reasons why I don't want an Apple iPhone
Reviews editor Martin James lists his reasons why the iPhone isn't for him

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Bill Gates: 'Vista sales nearing 40m'
Microsoft counting on OS to drive future growth

Thursday 17th May

PlayStation 3 console set for 'games boost'
15 exclusive titles destined for PS3

Gaping UK visa security hole unearthed
Government ignored plea to close it to sell DRM-free tracks
Copying Apple; selling unrestricted EMI tracks

PlayStation 3 drags heavily on Sony profits
Games arm to net further £200m loss this year

Friday 18th May

Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 still trouncing PlayStation 3
Nintendo sells four times as many Wiis as Sony does PS3s

Apple iPhone: All systems go
No delay on iPhone as Apple gets regulatory green light

Google to restrict search terms in Korea
Blacklisted words will force users to verify their age

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