Samsung set to reboot Galaxy S2 for MWC 2012

Samsung's half-way house: the Galaxy S2 Plus
Galaxy S2 Plus on its way to MWC 2012?

Samsung could launch the Galaxy S2 Plus at MWC 2012 after it confirmed the Galaxy S3 would not be appearing at the show.

The latest rumour comes from website An3DBenchXL which displays benchmarking results for a device named "Galaxy S 2+" with the uploader name "Samsung".

The results show the rumoured device having a 1.5GHz processor – a step up from the 1.2GHz dual-core chip found in the Galaxy S2.

Extra power but no ice cream in sight

Disappointingly it also shows the Galaxy S2 Plus running Android 2.3.4 which isn't even the latest version of Gingerbread let alone Ice Cream Sandwich, the 4.0 version of Google's operating system.

Update: Industry insider Eldar Murtazin has posted an image of a Samsung handset on his Twitter, with the simple words: "Barcelona. Samsung. Press photo leaked". It looks suspicously like the Galaxy S2, but is clearly sporting Ice Cream Sandiwch - could this be the Galaxy S2 Plus?

Samsung galaxy s2 plus leak

Samsung galaxy s2 plus leak

Image: Eldar Murtazin

The last hint the supposed benchmarking results provide is the screen resolution which it shown as 800 x 480. This is the same as the current S2, but that's no bad thing as the screen is exceptionally good.

Although this report is dubious in its authenticity, Samsung has done similar things with devices before such as the Galaxy Ace Plus and Galaxy S Advance.

The Galaxy S2 Plus could be Samsung's attempt to re-fresh the Galaxy brand and build hype before the S3 launch later this year - plus gives it something to talk about in Barcelona.

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