Samsung scotches 128GB phablet rumours, but the dual-SIM Note 5 takes microSD cards

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
The Galaxy Note 5 that you can't have.

Yesterday we reported that 128GB models of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ had showed up on Samsung's website. Considering neither phablet sports a microSD card, it was encouraging news for those need that extra storage on their devices.

Well, it was a mistake on the part of the webmaster, as we suggested at the time - Samsung has confirmed to the Verge that models with extra storage "are not being offered at this time". You're stuck with 32GB or 64GB again, at least for now.

However, all is not lost: pictures obtained by SamMobile show the dual-SIM version of the Note 5 sporting a second SIM card holder that doubles as a microSD card slot. You could potentially use it to expand the on-board storage rather than adding a new number.

Slotting together

It's actually pretty common for dual-SIM phones to offer microSD card support with the second SIM slot, but these handsets are typically only ever sold in Asia and emerging markets - you might have to resort to eBay to get one of your own.

And the Note 5 isn't coming to Europe anyway, according to Samsung, presumably because the S6 Edge+ is all we need. Online retailer Clove has started a petition to get Samsung to sell the Note 5 in the UK and nearby countries - sign up here if you really, really want that stylus.

Single-SIM editions of both phablets go on sale in the US on 21 August, with the S6 Edge+ arriving in the UK on 4 September. As soon as we've spent enough time with the new devices, we'll be sharing our thoughts with you.

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