Samsung looks to make a fast buck with network-free NFC payments on Galaxy S4

Samsung looks to make a fast buck with network-free NFC payments on Galaxy S4
Tap to pay and Samsung says "YAY!"

It's no surprise that the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 sports NFC technology but it's taken things one step further as it's the first phone to have Visa payWave built into its core.

Traditionally payment information is stored on the SIM card which means the mobile network is privy to a slice of the commission for each payment made using the contactless technology - but no longer!

Samsung has worked Visa's payWave tech into the Galaxy S4 itself, circumnavigating the SIM card and mobile operator resulting in it getting a bigger slice of the pay pie.

Tap n Go

While this technology is unlikely to effect the end user when it comes to tapping a terminal in a store, it could open the door for innovation in the field and encourage more firms to consider using NFC as a way to pay.

This would result in a win for the consumer as paying with NFC is currently pretty limited to specific chains such as McDonalds, with many businesses not prepared to step up to the plate.

Samsung has also said that payment apps from several brands will pop up on the Galaxy S4 in the coming months, including those from banks and mobile networks - watch this space.

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