Samsung Galaxy S3 set for May 30 in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S3 UK release date: end of May
May day! May day!

Updated: The Samsung Galaxy S3 UK release date has been confirmed as May 30, with the global release given as release a day earlier.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 hasn't been officially announced yet but TechRadar can exclusively reveal that the handset will be available end of May.

We have been told by numerous confidential but very trustworthy sources that the Samsung Galaxy S3 UK release date (Or 'Next Galaxy', as it's officially known right now) will definitely be 'the end of May'.

TechRadar tried to get an actual date out of them but our sources vanished back into the shadows before any other bits of information were divulged.

Galaxy quest

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most anticipated phones of the year and one we will be keeping a close eye on considering its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S2, managed a full five stars in its TechRadar review.

So much so that Samsung has decided to give the handset its own event, much like another company – *cough* Apple – does for announcing its flagship handsets.

As always, TechRadar will be at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event, with the official announcement of the phone – which Samsung still insists on calling The Next Galaxy – set for 7pm tonight.

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