Possible iPhone 4S photos surface

Is this the iPhone 4S? Nah, probably not

Photos of what is supposedly the iPhone 4S have been published showing a familiar-looking handset with a plastic casing in place of the iPhone 4's glass finish.

It's almost impossible to tell if these photos are the real deal; they could easily be of a regular iPhone 4 onto which an enterprising fraudster has transplanted into a plastic casing - or pasted a matte cover, as SlashGear points out.

Rumours have circled for some time that Apple will release a cheaper version of its popular smartphone with a design that is very similar to the current iPhone - usually it's referred to as the iPhone nano, in line with the iPod range.


Alongside this mid-range version, Apple is said to be planning the iPhone 5 which would offer those willing to pay more a radical new design, bigger screen, faster processor and all the secret bells and whistles that Apple no doubt has up its sleeve.

To release a budget phone doesn't really seem Apple's style, and for the next iPhone to surface on the web in such a low key fashion seems hugely unlikely – not after Gizmodo's 'found it in a bar' iPhone 4 scoop last year.

But whether the rumours of an iPhone Lite turn out to be true or not, we reckon these photos, which came from a Vietnamese forum, are fake.


From Tinhte via SlashGear