3GSM 2007: Motorola unveils snazzy new phones

The MOTOKRZR K3 includes two integrated digital cameras allowing users to share their mobile experiences

Motorola has announced three new mobile handsets at 3GSM in Barcelona this morning. The line-up includes the new MOTOKRZR K3, the MOTORIZR Z8, MOTOSLVR L9 and the MOTO Q. The phones continue two Motorola traditions: the silly naming scheme, and the trend of producing slim, great-looking handsets.

The MOTOKRZR K3 is the successor to the first MOTOKRZR. It's a powerful-looking clamshell phone designed to nimbly negotiate high speed HSDPA connections.

It includes two integrated digital cameras: one internal VGA camera which enables real-time face-to-face video calls between users; and a 2-megapixel digital camera with an 8x digital zoom, which can capture the moment while on the move.

Kick slider

The MOTORIZR Z8 on the other hand supposedly "combines Motorola's signature design quality with outstanding video capture and playback, and hi-fi audio quality for a mobile experience without compromise."

One interesting feature of this one is Motorola's first ever 'kick slider', a mechanism that achieves a "fit-to-face" profile by gliding open in a curve to match the contour of your face.

On top of all the standard features, this model is brought to life by a partnership with BSkyB which will allow users to access Sky's mobile content services.

As well as offering access to an on-demand library of updated news, entertainment and sports, Sky's 'Anytime' application also provides an access point to Sky's range of live mobile TV services. Anytime also lets customers use their mobile phone to programme their Sky boxes remotely.


The third phone that Motorola is pushing today is the MOTOSLVR L9, which includes an integrated music player and FM radio. It features Motorola's new CrystalTalk technology, making it easier to hold conversations in noisy environments. Nothing special about this phone; its all standard stuff.

And the two MOTO Q handsets complete the set: the q9 and the gsm.

"Delivering power, style and ease-of-use, MOTO Q q9 and MOTO Q gsm continue to evolve the mobile office experience by bringing an opportunity to own an iconic, power packed smart phone to virtually every user around the world," Motorola says in its announcement.

Essentially, these phones represent the business side of things, featuring soft-touch metal casing, electro-luminescent keys, and one of those optimised QWERTY keyboards that people seem to either love or hate.

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