Orange tempts small businesses

Orange is aiming to boost its business mobile user take-up

Deals that offer better value services for one-man businesses and other small and medium enterprises have been introduced by Orange today.

Shaking up its existing business plans, Orange is launching three new business mobile tariffs. It aims to grab an increased share of the growing small and medium sized business market.

The Orange Solo deal is aimed at the self-employed. They have the choice of 3 simple plans costing £30, £35 and 40 a month, with 400-800 minutes of inclusive airtime (50 per cent more if they sign up to a 2-year deal).

A launch promotion also allows them to choose between unlimited landline calls or unlimited text messages. Solo includes a free data allowance (1MB - 3MB) for mobile email and browsing. Orange Care, which guarantees replacement of lost, stolen or faulty handsets within 24 hours, is also included.

Orange Venture deals are aimed at small businesses with 1-10 employees. The tariff provides flexible multiple handset usage. Users share bundles of airtime from 275 to 3,400 minutes a month, plus unlimited mobile calls between sharers.

The 7 options cost from £28 to £165 per month. Promotions on this include unlimited off-peak calls to landlines and Orange mobiles. Inclusive calls are increased by 20 per cent or 40 per cent on 18-month and 24-month contracts, respectively.

Bigger business deals

Targeted at larger businesses, the Orange Momentum call-sharing deals are available at 9 price points from £155 a month for 2,500 minutes to £3,000 for 45,000 minutes. Again, unlimited calls among sharers are included. And longer-term contracts come with additional promotional airtime offers.

Orange is also beefing up its in-store business user service, with a new business advisory service offered in major high-street stores. Orange aims to boost its business appeal with add-on work-style bundles later in the year.