Nokia N95 8GB upgrade coming soon

An 8GB memory upgrade would significantly enhance the Nokia N95's music player credentials

An 8GB version of the NokiaN95 multimedia heavyweight mobile is being lined up for release in UK shops in time for Christmas.

Nokia is planning to introduce a new upgraded version of its feature-packed 3G HSDPA-enabled N95, a smartphone that already offers a 5-megapixel camera, integrated GPS antenna, Wi-Fi and dedicated music controls. has heard from a UK mobile operator source that Nokia is "desperate" to get the 8GB version of the N95 in the shops in time to take advantage of the traditional Christmas mobile buying rush.

Although Nokia is believed to be lining up an 8GB smartphone, the N81, for launch at an event in London on 29 August, the 8GB N95 upgrade (which has previously been reported on the web) is also defintely being released, has been informed.

Boosting the internal memory of the N95 to 8GB from its existing 160MB internal storage will significantly enhance the music player credentials of the N95. The Apple iPhone, due for European release later this year, is currently available in 4GB and 8GB versions, and Sony Ericsson's W960i touchscreen Walkman handset will come with 8GB internal memory when it arrives towards the end of 2007.

We've ben unable yet to get an official comment from Nokia on the 8GB N95, but we'll update readers when we do.