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Nokia N8 sales dwarfed by iPhone 4

Nokia N8 proving more popular than expected
Nokia N8 proving more popular than expected

Nokia may have been taking a battering recently, and news that its European Nokia N8 sales are being destroyed by the iPhone 4's won't help things.

Apple's latest phone is apparently outselling the N8 by a margin of six to one, according to a Morgan Stanley survey of 150 phone shops in five European countries.

However, given that Nokia is in the process of trying to stem the tide of users running to Android handsets and iPhones, this apparently isn't as bad as it sounds.

Anything's better than nothing

Patrick Standaert, the author of the survey, says that expectations for the phone are so low that projected sales of nine million N8 handsets sold in 2011 would be a decent return for Nokia.

And users are apparently staying pretty positive on the phone too, with most reporting to be very happy with the Nokia offering.

We're still not sure Symbian^3 is an advanced enough platform for Nokia to take on the likes of Google and Apple in the mobile space (imagine writing that sentence four years ago...) but if MeeGo can spit out some tasty handsets, then Nokia could quite feasibly hold on to its smartphone lead.

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