No, the iPhone 7 won't have a smart connector after all

Smart Connector
The iPad Pro's Smart Connector port.

It was only last month we heard a whisper that Apple was bringing the Smart Connector from its iPad Pro line to the next iPhone - the 3-pin port enables users to connect up accessories such as a keyboard and could be used as an alternative charging point too.

Well, scratch that - the same Japanese blog that broke the original story has now poured cold water on it, saying Apple has "shelved" ideas for a Smart Connector port on the iPhone 7. Essentially, we're back to square one.

As we mentioned at the time, it's not all that obvious why Apple would want to fix a Smart Connector on something smaller than an iPad. Apparently the larger of the two iPhones would be the one to get the extra port, if it happens.

Any port in a storm

It's not the only connector-related shake-up rumoured for the iPhone 7: we've heard plenty about the long-standing 3.5mm headphone jack and whether Apple might be considering getting rid of it in an attempt to make a thinner phone.

Consider yourself now right up to date with the latest iPhone 7 chatter: the latest rumours are it's no longer getting a Smart Connector that was only a rumour to begin with. Perhaps everything will change in the next four months but the plans must be close to being finalised by now.

Of course the sensible option here would be to just wait and see what Apple unveils in September and ignore all of the rumours and speculation that appears online in the meantime - but where's the fun in that?

Here's everything you need to know about Apple's next flagship:

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