Nexus 5 gains sturdier build as LG tweaks production

Nexus 5 gains sturdier build as LG tweaks production
New, but the same

Early adopters of the Nexus 5 look away now, LG and Google have tweaked the production process of the handset making it a slightly sturdier offering.

Some users had complained about the rattling sound made by the power/lock and volume keys on the new Nexus 5, and according to a post on the XDA Developers forum LG has returned to the drawing board to solidify those buttons.

It's not just the buttons which have been given some attention. There's also been a subtle change to the speaker grille on the base of the Nexus 5, with the machine drilled holes now ever so slightly larger than on earlier models.

All change please

There's no obvious advantage to be gained here for end users, perhaps the larger holes will allow for a slightly higher volume, but we don't expect much of a difference between old and new phones.

This isn't the first time LG and Google have altered the manufacturing process of a handset, with the Nexus 4 gaining two dimples on its rear a few months after launch, designed to lift the handset off a surface allowing for better volume from the rear speaker.

Of course this will all come as little comfort to those who did pick up a Nexus 5 early on, as there's no sign of a trade in program from Google or LG.