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Nexus 4 will hit T-Mobile stores though timing remains unclear

Google Nexus 4
The Nexus 4 is not an easy phone to find

Google's Nexus 4 Android Jelly Bean smartphone is notoriously difficult to find, but that could all change soon.

A report that surfaced on Wednesday claimed that the Nexus 4 will be available in T-Mobile retail stores across the country by the end of January.

The report cited what appears to be an internal T-Mobile memo or email with the heading "Field Sales News" that was apparently sent out on Monday.

The message reads, "The Google Nexus 4 will launch in all T-Mobile retail locations in January," and appears to recommend that employees review the device in preparation.

Confirmation from T-Mobile

The message also confirms that "the [Google] Play Store will continue to carry the Nexus 4."

This seems fairly cut and dry. However, the source of the memo was unclear, so TechRadar reached out to T-Mobile to find out if it's legitimate.

A T-Mobile spokesperson responded that, "The Nexus 4 will be available nationwide in T-Mobile retail stores and select national retail stores and select dealers."

"We don't have specific timing just yet," he added.

The shortage so far

Nexus 4 supplies have so far not been sufficient to meet demand for the device, with would-be buyers in early December facing wait times of up to five weeks.

It got so bad that Google even issued an apology in mid-December, blaming LG, the manufacturer of the Nexus 4, for the shortage.

On Thursday, it came to light that the short Nexus 4 supplies may be even worse than one would have imagined, when a group of Android enthusiasts determined that there may only be 400,000 of the phones in existence right now.

That number is not confirmed, but either way, a wide release in T-Mobile stores will be a major boon for the carrier, Google and customers alike.

Via TmoNews