Motorola Xplay back from the dead? Phablet tipped for later this year

Motorola Xplay back from the dead Phablet tipped for later this year

Rumours of a Motorola phablet have surfaced once again, after a device named the "Motorola Xplay" was previously outed back in October 2013

The new claims comes from a poster on the Weibo forum – the same person who correctly called the Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360 plans.

That tipster says that Motorola's phablet will arrive between July and September this year.

However, there's no word on the size or name of the device, so the previously rumoured spec of a 6.3-inch display may have changed in the last few months.


Everyone else seems to be getting in on the phablet game – even Apple is rumoured to be going bigger for the iPhone 6 – so it's no surprise to see Moto doing to the same.

It's also good to see the company continuing full steam ahead despite the ownership shift from Google (where the phablet presumably began its journey) to Lenovo.

Via G for Games