Microsoft: 91% of workers hate office

Microsoft's tree-office provides a taste of freedom for London office workers

Nine out of 10 British office workers don't want to work from their office, a survey has revealed.

Some 14 per cent of British workers would prefer to work from the beach. And a further 10 per cent would like to work from the park or garden, the survey by Future Laboratory for Microsoft Windows Mobile discovered.

The research suggests that 91 per cent of workers would prefer to work outside a traditional office environment. Outdoors locations came in second place after working from home.

Over half the respondents claimed that they work longer hours now than they did five years ago. And some 52 per cent of workers believe working remotely would allow them a less stressful working life.


As part of its campaign to promote remote working, Microsoft has created the first public "tree-office" in Pimlico Gardens, central London. Stressed out office workers can lounge about and use Windows Mobile gadgetry to do office business remotely via the internet, using mobile phone and Wi-Fi technology.

"The 'tree-office' shows businesses that it's possible for workers to be free from their desks and still be able to work, and employees that their dreams of working outdoors can be realised," commented James McCarthy from Microsoft Windows Mobile.

"In fact, mobile working is all about being liberated, having more control over your day and at last more freedom in your life".