Unlocked Orange iPhones selling for a song

O2 can keep their iPhone. We're off to bag a bargain in France

You really, really want an iPhone, you don't want to risk a hack job and you want one on the cheap. Then get thee over France where Orange France is promising to knock out unlocked versions of the device for bargain basement prices from Thursday 29th November.

Well kinda.

France Telecom boss Didier Lomard says the price of unlocked iPhones will be ' significantly lower' than they are in Germany, where they're go for a princely €999 (£717). Lombard hasn't named his price, but he does have plenty of wriggle room: You can pick up an iPhone in France for just €399 (£287) with an Orange contract, so that leaves Lombard with €617 (£433) to play with.

We'll stick our fingers in the wind and say €699 (£502) or €799 (£574) are the most likely sums - cheap enough to woo channel-hopping Brits, but not so cheap that he'd be slitting his own throat, monsieur.

As if that wasn't enough to tempt you over to France, then maybe the contract prices will. You can pay just €45 (£32.33) per month for a two year iPhone contract, or €53.50 per month (£38.43) for the 12-month version. The cheapest O2 tariff is £35 per month by comparison.

Oh. And the food is better over there. What's not to like?