LG Optimus 3D delayed to July

LG Optimus 3D is late, is late for a very important date
LG Optimus 3D is late, is late for a very important date

The long-awaited LG Optimus 3D smartphone seems to have been delayed until mid-July according to expected release dates on a number of retailer websites.

Despite Amazon and Expansys both previously listing the 3D handset as arriving on 25 April, and Clove suggesting 6 June, all have now published release dates as late as 13 July.

Those of you dying to get on with your mobile 3D movie watching and making will no doubt be getting jittery at the thought of yet another month's wait for the first 3D phone to land.

Pick a date, any date

Amazon has now listed the LG Optimus 3D release date as 13 July (having yesterday posted it as 20 June), while Play.com reckons 12 July and Clove suggests 11 July.

Expansys has taken the wise route of simply removing the release date altogether, suggesting that these July dates are not yet set in stone.

We've had no joy tracking down any network release dates, although Orange and Vodafone have both confirmed that they will be ranging the handset when it does finally debut.

Although LG has never promised an official release date, no reasons have been given for the apparent delays; we're waiting to hear back from LG for the official line on what's going on.

Meanwhile the company has been busy shoe-horning more tech into the Optimus 3D, with 3D AR capability being one of the most recent additions.

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