LG G2 Mini official as LG Facebooks photo of big things with mini things

LG G2 Mini official as LG Facebooks photo of big things with little things
Big thing, little thing, cardboard phone

The LG G2 Mini seems locked on for a MWC 2014 unveiling after LG posted a photo of the back of the handset to its Facebook page.

Well, we assume that's what it is, since it's a smaller handset pictured next to a bigger handset and that bigger handset is the LG G2.

It's also joined by a big shoe and a smaller shoe, a big starfish and a smaller starfish and a big cupcake next to a smaller cupcake.


Is there a hidden meaning to these seemingly random items? Will the LG G2 Mini come with a shoe-cleaning peripheral? A starfish fishing app? Or a free cake?

It seems unlikely. Less unlikely is that the handset will feature the G2's funny back-mounted volume slider, a Xenon flash and a camera.

We've heard all kinds of rumours about the G2 Mini's screen size, with the decidedly not-that-mini 4.7-inch option proving most enduring.

LG G2 Mini

Smaller, pinker

The LG G2's display is a 5.2-inch affair and looking at the difference in size between the two handsets pictured, we'd say there's a good chance that 4.7-inch screen rumour will prove true.

Not too long to wait until we know for sure - the caption under the photo on Facebook says, "Experience the MINI. Mobile World Congress 2014-02-24."

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