Leaked T-Mobile calendar points to March 27 launch for BlackBerry Z10

Z10 release
Proof in the screenshot?

Revealed just last week, the BlackBerry Z10 is part of the opening salvo of the BlackBerry 10 onslaught about to hit mobile carriers.

Though we've already expected the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to arrive sometime in March, a new leaked calendar may provide a more exact date for at least one locale.

According to a screengrab of an alleged T-Mobile release schedule, the Z10 is on track to arrive at T-Mo on March 27.

Unfortunately, the pricing details of the Z10 remain a mystery at T-Mobile, though we do know it's not likely to cost more than Verizon, which has stated the phone will retail for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

March madness

The Z10 isn't the only device shown to be arriving on March 27 based on the leaked T-Mobile computer shot.

T-Mobile will also reportedly release the Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE at the end of next month, as well as two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (one post-paid, one pay-as-you-go).

An LTE version of the Galaxy S3 is supposedly on track for a March 27 release as well, though even T-Mobile hasn't quite got that date nailed down, as it lists April 3 as another possible drop date for the phone.

Interestingly enough, T-Mobile actually doesn't have an LTE network up and running yet, though it's in the process of testing one out in Las Vegas.

Could the introduction of these LTE phone variants point to a possible time frame we'll see T-Mobile start to roll out the capability? Or is the carrier simply laying the phone framework for when it's ready to launch as the year progresses?

None of the listed devices include any pricing, and there was still nary a mention of the QWERY-packing BlackBerry Q10, but at least now those waiting for the possible revival of BlackBerry can circle a single day instead of an entire month, and keep a heads up for LTE updates.

Via TmoNews