iPhone trade-in program hits UK Apple Stores today

iPhone trade-in program hits the UK Apple Stores today
Not quite an iPhone for an iPhone

Apple has cut the ribbon on its iPhone trade-in programme, whereby you can take an old iPhone to one of its high street stores and part-exchange it for a new handset.

This is good news for anyone who's been hanging fire on upgrading to the pricey iPhone 5S or cheaper-but-not-cheap iPhone 5C but not so great for those looking to leave Apple completely.

Depending on the condition and model of your handset, you'll get up to £175 of store credit on a gift card for your iPhone but it looks as though you can only put that towards a new iPhone.

Great value, great responsibility

"iPhones hold great value," Apple explained before going on to point out that the old handsets will be reused or recycled.

"In addition to helping support the environment, customers will be able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can put toward the purchase of a new iPhone."

Or you can just put your old phone on eBay and buy whatever you like with the cash. Your choice.

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