iPhone 5S and budget iPhone may sport an array of hues

iPhone 5S and budget iPhone may sport an array of hues
Time to inject some colour

Black and white are so last year - luckily Apple could well be moving with the times as a new report suggests its next handsets will arrive in a variety of shades.

Previous iterations of the iPhone have stuck rigidly to the somewhat uninspired colour palette, but now Japenese blog Macotakara suggests the iPhone 5S and hotly rumoured budget iPhone will arrive with more than the two bland options.

It's the budget iPhone which is apparently in line for the widest colour palette with the unnamed source revealing it will come in five different hues - potentially blue, red and yellow which accompany the black and white on Apple's current range of iPods.

This isn't the first time we've heard that a cut-price iPhone will arrive in various colours, with DigiTimes reporting the same thing last month.

Three's a company

The iPhone 5S won't be getting quite the same range as its cheaper brother, but according to the source Apple's seventh generation smartphone will turn up in three colour options - although they didn't reveal what these would be.

The final nugget of information the mystery know-it-all* had to offer was to do with the announcement of the next batch of iPhone handsets, suggesting we'll see them hit the market in July/August.

This points towards Apple's WWDC event, which we expect to take place in June, for the potential launch of the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone, although we find all of this pretty hard to believe so you probably shouldn't get carried away with this news. The iPhone 5S release date will surely be later in the year.

*although they may actually know nothing

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