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iPhone 3.0 firmware next week - with MMS

iPhone firmware - the third coming
iPhone firmware - the third coming

We're getting word from our US counterparts that Apple is unveiling the iPhone 3.0 firmware and apparently - it's coming with MMS support.

Invites have circulated among the US press saying Apple is hosting an event to preview the new software, and Boy Genius Report is saying that it will come with MMS support as well as Bluetooth and USB tethering.

There's also a rumour that copy and paste could be offered as well, although that's just as likely to be wishful thinking on the part of iPhone users everywhere as it is fact.

Silent Apple

There's not many more details springing from Apple about the preview (shockingly) other than there will be a brand new SDK to go with the firmware update, meaning that it's likely there will be some juicy extras for developers to get their teeth into.

We would assume the update would also be coming to iPod touch owners as well, but in the same vein as the 2.0 firmware update, they'll probably have to pay for it.

Not only that, but there's nothing like a firmware update to go along with some lovely new devices... We'd assume this update will come in a few month's time, thus making it around June / July... isn't that the same month last year that the iPhone 3G was announced? Why yes, it was!

We're still waiting for word of a similar event in the UK, so if / when we get asked along to iPhone 3.0 in the UK we'll let you know and bring you all the gory details.