iOS 8 en route to make Apple Maps the service Google should fear

iOS 8 en route to make Apple Maps the service Google should fear
Update incoming?

Like the changing of the seasons, iOS 8 arriving in 2014 is a certainty, and we're hearing that it's set to give Apple Maps a significant overhaul.

Since its disasterous launch, the mapping service has been lagging behind Google's own, but according to 9 to 5 Mac, quoting "sources briefed on the plans", Cupertino is hoping to close the gap with the next update.

The sources say that Apple plans to add public transit directions, for transport including "train, subway and bus", which will make it much easier to get from A to B. It'll also be adding improved directions to public airports.

The feature is said to be rolling out for major US cities to begin with, and will then move beyond that – and potentially internationally – soon after.

On track

That's the biggest new feature said to be hitting Maps, but the same report also claims the app will also have more enhanced data to improve accuracy, while new points of interest and label, such as airports and train stations, will also be added.

It's also claimed that the overall look of the maps have been improved "to make streets more visible".

Finally, Sources say that Apple is already working on an augmented reality that will let you see highlighted points of interest on top of your live camera feed, though it's unlikely that we'll see it as soon as iOS 8.

iOS 7 was very much a visual update, but it's sounding like iOS 8 could be bringing a lot more functionality. Especially if there's any truth to the rumours of Apple's Healthbook app making its way into the new OS too.

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