HTC Legend vs HTC Desire vs Google Nexus One

The HTC Desire

Android phone superfight

The TechRadar office is currently divided between those that want the HTC Legend, for all its Fancy Dan looks and svelte charm, and those that crave the raw power of the HTC Desire.

(We're keeping an eye on the situation, lest it break out into a dance number a la The Jets and The Sharks).

It would be wrong to say the Desire is an ugly device, as it comes in at less than 12mm thick, which means it's ultimately pocket-friendly.

Android phone superfight

And by Jingo, it's a powerful beast. Yes, it's 'only' running the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor (we say 'only' because it's about the tenth phone to do so), but there's more than just a decent chipset in action here.

The whole Sense UI has been optimised for the HTC Desire, and this means that it excels in two key areas beyond the Legend: multimedia and internet.

Android phone superfight

The screen is 4x the resolution of the Legend, which means a high-res display and a terrific device to watch video and view photos on.

There's an 8GB memory card in the box too in order to help you start stuffing content onto the device, and while it doesn't have the same standby time as the Legend, it does have a larger battery to help cope.

Android phone superfight

And the internet experience on the HTC Desire is phenomenal (we might have to rethink the battery claim, as we'll probably be on the internet all the time when using this device).

Somehow HTC appears to have optimised the browser in such a way that even over EDGE connectivity, heavy web pages load in seconds. The text reflow (which admittedly is the Legend as well) is a dream, allowing users to zoom into text as and when they like at the size they want.

In short, if you've got deep pockets or carry a bag with space for a phone with a 3.7-inch screen, there's very little reason not to pick up the HTC Desire.

Android phone superfight

Who's gonna buy the Desire? Trust us when we say that Technophiles are going to be all over this phone. Multi-touch, flash video, WVGA screen - it's the spec-enthusiast's dream. It might be a little bit pricier than some, but it will apparently come in at a lower cost than the Nexus One.

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